Being an assassin isn’t as scary as it sounds

Gun & blood

The Marketing Assassin.

What’s that all about then? Sounds a bit severe. Bit scary even. Like there is some pain involved.

Actually the premise is simple, rewarding AND relatively pain free. 

Times are tough. Businesses the world over are struggling. People are losing their jobs (trust me I know!) and their homes. Those that are keeping their jobs have less money than before as cost rise on staples like fuel and food.

The only effective way of getting out of this mess is by working harder, working smarter, adding value and being unique.

The intention of this blog is to bluntly cut through the hype and the bullsh*t that encases the once noble art of marketing and help people do the simple things right to ensure their businesses hit upturn as quickly as possible and we all get back to making a good living from what we’re good at.

Sound good?

Jump over to my first post then and change your thinking today: ‘2. Its about customers, stupid’.


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