It’s about customers, stupid!

Calculator & newspaper
You’re great. You manufacture breakfast cereals, design and build performance cars, distribute shredders, provide legal services, sell advertising space – whatever it is. It’s brilliant and all your customers need convincing of it until they conceed to your sales efforts and buy one.

But there is a change taking place. You’ve probably read about it but haven’t modernised. Customers have the power, the choice and have needs to be fulfilled and pain to be soothed and taken away.

But where on your website do you address your customers’ points of pain and explain how you might help remove their pain?

Where in your brochures, sales collateral, invitations, mailing letters, emails and renewals do you layout your understanding of that unique customer’s business?

Do you take a generic approach to communications and say the same thing to all your customers and prospects?

Worse, do you talk about yourself and how great you are?

Are all your sales and marketing materials talking all about you, who you work with, what you offer, the awards you’ve won, how much money you make, how many people you employ and how many offices you have?

If so, bad news. Most of your customers don’t care about any of that. And you’re loosing ground.

Your customers care about their customers, what they can offer them, what awards they could win, how much money they can make and how to keep their talented workforce in jobs in very challenging economic times.

Scores of books have been written which talk about insight and understanding for a reason. Its how you differentiate yourself from other suppliers. Yes, it can be tough, time and cost heavy but you have to understand their needs, their pain and how you can add value to their business before you even begin selling.

Here’s your challenge: TODAY read the copy on your website and your nice shiny expensive brochure and had thousands printed on nice glossy stock. While you’re at it, have a look at the letters you send out to prospects you want to work with. This is the first thing they see. Ask yourself this question:

Are you out to help them or help yourself?

Newsflash: helping yourself in this new economy will kill you.


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