Beware the agency fat cats

fat cat

We are seeing that small, even micro, is the new big in the credit squeezed, business cautious new economy.

Goodbye to large global networked agencies with over inflated hourly rates, fat cat, often arrogant, senior management and their claims of knowing more about a client’s business than clients do. (Is there no pride in just being great at implementation anymore, why all the strategy?)

Hello to nimble, flexible, agile agencies and smaller networks of specialists  working together to deliver client business not only for substantially less expense, but adding greater value and customer care in the process.

If you use a large, networked, global agency, ask yourself what you really get in return, and if its what you need to grow your business.

A big idea? A Director or two to tell you how great you are every three months? A nice lunch when you visit their funky offices? 

True, for some clients, an agency like this is perfect. For 95% of companies using outsourced marketing services, I would say not. Pick a specialist, even better someone local and build a relationship – isn’t that what good outsourcing should be about anyway?

Or, carry on with the service you receive and accept the inevitable large invoices… they do afterall, have to pay for the offices, the lunch and the Directors you thought you were getting as a value add!


One response to “Beware the agency fat cats

  1. What I like most about our feline friends is that they read your emotions so correctly.Then they invariably make you feel better :)Go Kitties!

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