Does your digital marketing sizzle?

standoutEmerging technology brings tremendous opportunities, choice and challenges. The ability to reach wider audiences, tailor products,  services and communications, and have better visibility of what works, all make digital marketing a must for most enterprises.

It is important however that companies consider long term, customer focused, permission based marketing strategies which position them as valuable in the eyes of their customers. B2C brands like Dell and Amazon do this supremely well butB2B marketers can take the best from their models and apply them cost effectively to their own operations.

Ask yourself, are you running an eMarketing programme (online marketing in tandem with other methods), running an eCommerce business (online marketing with transactional capability) or running a true eBusiness (with the front end seamlessly linked and automated into the back end)?

Once you know, your strategic requirements differ. They will all, however require you to consider the following model to evaluate your existing digital strategy:

Does what you are doing digitally help with the following?

1. Sell – growing sales by satisfying needs, easily.

2. Serve – add value and customer satisfaction with good delivery, regular communications and order updates and other online services.

3. Speak – starting a proactive two way dialogue helps identify and anticipate customer needs.

4. Save – doing it all efficiently and effectively, reducing overall administration, warehousing, logistics and distribution costs.

5. Sizzle – providing an enjoyable brand experience that creates positive word of mouth (buzz) and leads to return visits and purchases. This is brand building, creating an emotional tie with the customer.

If your digital marketing doesn’t sizzle, doesn’t stick people to your site, doesn’t get them to talk about it, recommend it, bookmark it and return to it, you’re wasting your time, money and effort.


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