Five things customers look for

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The Marketing Assassin is on a mission to cut cost and eliminate poor marketing, helping businesses to better meet customer needs and consequently profit more from their marketing.

Regardless of the size, scale or perculiarities of your business, considering these five factors will focus your mind and give prospects what they want.

1) Make information gathering easy for them.

Everyone likes quick answers, and everyone has their own reliable sources. Become a reliable source by understanding what prospects are looking for and providing it – if online make your website easy to navigate with obvious signposting.

2) Talk their language (not yours) simply.

If you are targeting a professional service, like accountants, you need to let them know you understand their world, but also need to explain your offer (from a benefit not a feature perspective) in simple terms, supporting with case studies and third party testimonials if necessary.

3) Understand their buying position

Particularly relevant to b2b marketing, there will be a number of people involved, user, specifier, buyer, senior management to position your offer to. Understanding their place in the process and understanding what they are looking for will position you in a positive light and leave them feeling like you have considered the requirements of the whole team.

4) Accept they probably don’t want to talk to you straight away

Establish preferred communication channels. Few of today’s business people have the time to talk to everyone who calls them. Email, though growing, is an unobtrusive option which can be dealt with at a time convenient to the recipient.

5) But stay in touch

If you have positive engagement, strike while the iron is hot. Re-confirm the discussion, your offer and confirm next steps. Keep them up to date on order status and delivery when an order comes, and follow up to monitor satisfaction. Seek permission to make related offers and communicate with them, and this prospect can be quickly transformed into a customer and then an advocate.

Ask yourself, how do you meet your customer’s needs? What good and bad experiences have you seen as a customer?


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