The Assassin’s creative brief

blank piece of paperDo you need to brief an agency for new creative output? Be an Assassin and follow this no nonsense guide, to getting what you want.


1.  What is the issue, challenge or opportunity (succinct, in one line)?

2. What is the audience, their need, what is important to them and how they get information and make purchases?

3. What do they think now and how do you want them to think after the campaign?

4. What is single message USP that needs to be conveyed?

5. How can this be proved/supported to ensure they believe it?

6. What is the tone of voice & vocabulary?

7. Where will the activity be seen?

8. What do you want them to do?

9. What mandatories do’s and don’ts need to be included (logos, guidelines, copy, images)?

10. What methods will be used and what deliverables are needed?

11. What is the budget?

12. What are the key milestones and critical timelines?

13. How will evaluation be integrated (pre launch concept testing, post launch feedback)?


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