FREE online technologies for your business

free-stuffSometimes it is easy to forget, but lets get back to basics. You’re in business to make money. If you’re starting out or working on a shoestring, consider the following as part of your Marketing Assassin arsenal. Be honest, I bet you don’t use some or all of these?

1. Find new customers with Linkedin – Network yourself and your business for free on the world’s largest professional platform. Join and set up groups of like minded individuals, bring your customers, prospects and suppliers together in one place. Ask questions, suggest answers, design surveys. All for free at  

2. Produce professional quality business documents with Google Docs – yes Google is slowly taking over the world one Internet user at a time, but you can’t argue with web-hosted software that provides a FREE alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, saving you £300 per user. You’ll need the obligatory Google account though. Take the tour at

3. PDF999 – takes your business documents and gives them a professional makeover by using PDF999. Ad supported, but coverts in the same way as the more expensive Adobe Acrobat, saving you £70 per user.  From

4. Talk to customers with Skype – So the market leading free VOIP provider has changed hands, but the principle behind the product remains a sound one. Make free voice and video calls and instant message other Skype users. If you have a 3 mobile phone, you can make free Skype calls through that too! Incalculable savings assured  

5. Share your business with prospects on Slide Share – Put your company presentations, demonstrations, documents and PDFs online so potential customers can learn more about you.  Link them through to your website and other social media and networking sites.


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