Principles of marketing 4: Know yourself

know yourselfYour business has a personality, a culture. It’s a living, breathing entity.

So you naturally take the time to feed it and nurture it, right?

If not, take time out to think about what you are good at? What you’re bad at? The things you like and don’t doing? Those customers you enjoy and hate servicing? Are you able to up sell, cross sell, upgrade, down grade and resource customers appropriately?

Do you do the things you say you do, or compromise to bring in new customers and then hope for the best?

Your smartest competitors regularly take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror in order to know themselves better.

Survey your staff. They’re your ambassadors. Do it today.  Doesn’t have to be complicated. Award a prize for the best five word explanation of what your company does.

The question is worth asking and the insight you’ll receive could be astounding.


One response to “Principles of marketing 4: Know yourself

  1. Interesting comments AND so true. As the owner and head sales guy at my company, I often find myself losing sight of who we are and how we can add value to a customer relationship. I am very good at certain things and very bad at certain things. When I go “off my game” I end up doing things that don’t help our business grow. The key is remembering and staying focused. I like your thoughts on this subject. Thanks.

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