Principles of marketing 5: Segmentation

orange-segmentationThis post builds on the theme of understanding customer needs in Principles of Marketing 1. In order to cost effectively and relevantly market to them, it is your task as a marketer to understand that your business has different clusters of customers who have slightly differing needs.

Segmentation is widely written about with vast tomes from marketing gurus including Philip Kotler and Peter Doyle.  But outside of academia, the planning and research of segmentation of customers just sounds like too much hard work, so most companies don’t do it properly.

But you need to or all that investment in those sexy deliverables is pointless.

So, do it the Marketing Assassin way.

Your market is NOT everyone. There is always a niche audience. Consider the pain your product or service eases – it has to save cost, save time, make something quicker, easier or solve a technical problem. Think about the people who are most likely to suffer that pain. Pinpoint the value of easing their pain in a commercial sense. Establish your geographical and logistical limitations in terms of who and how you can supply and strictly service that niche.

Large marketing and advertising agencies will happily charge you a fortune to segment your market, creating parallel and diverging communications streams, multiple propositions, separate positioning messages and tiered creative communications but guess what, most marketers don’t need them.

Have the courage of your convictions. Your marketing plan is yours – that includes customer profiling and segmentation, strategy and all the sexy stuff.


2 responses to “Principles of marketing 5: Segmentation

  1. Dear Sir,

    I would like to get the note of Introduction to Principals of Marketing.



    • Hi Mamun,
      You can pick up every post in the ‘Principles’ series by clicking the ‘Principles’ category on the Home Page. And you can subscribe to (Mon-Fri) blog into your inbox from the Home Page as well. Hope this helps. René

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