Making social media work for you

social mediaIt’s about engaging.

If you’re interested in your personal professional brand as a marketer, do the same as me. It’s not as daunting as it looks. Start small but be consistent. Set aside an hour a week, focus on one element at a time and you’ll soon be on your way to being the Internet’s next big thing.

This page consistently gets around 60-90 hits a day, plus an additional 100+ reads a day from syndication through groups and status bars on other sites. I’m no expert, if I can do it so can you.

1. Create a Linkedin profile page. Upload all previous roles and what you achieved in each. Put what you do not your current title in your main description bar. Over time, actively seek out contacts from old companies, customers & suppliers. Join groups, start discussions, ask and answer questions.

 2. Create a Twitter account. It gets a bad rap for business applicability but its growing and Twitter is here to stay. Tweet about your passion, your business, offers, the news and not what you had for lunch.

 3. Join whichever professional body represents your industry. I’m a member of The CIM and also the Ecademy network.

 4. If you have content to share (video, slides, papers, photos etc) create accounts on YouTube,  Slide Share and Flickr. All can be promoted on your Linkedin profile and with links on Twitter.

 5. Use Google Reader to set up RSS feeds to your favourite sites. Saves you time visiting them all individually, and you will actually expose yourself to more material too.

 6. The big one – create a blog. Write about something you are passionate about. In the beginning do it once a week, publish at the same time and keep it to 250 words max. Do it more regularly as your creative juices flow. I have a long list of topics to hand and alternate between these and commenting on marketing news. WordPress is great, this blog was up inside an hour and has been tweaked over time. It will be tweaked again soon as I want to add video, Adsense & other elements to make it work harder for me. Use to condense the blog post url and syndicate across Twitter, Linkedin (status bar and group news pages). I also offer a RSS feed signup and put it on the CIM site and Ecademy to get extra readers.

Try and ensure you use the same user name throughout all these sites as this will help your stickiness and memorability.

Most of all enjoy the ride. I do.

And finally if you are one of those people who thinks social media is a fad, check this out (Thanks to Michael Stewart for bringing this to my attention in his illuminating presentation for CIM Manchester event this past week).


2 responses to “Making social media work for you

  1. Thanks for laying this out for us!

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