Change is good

Change sign postIt is human nature to fear change. Change means we have to learn new things, go about things in a different way, embrace new ideas and new ways of working. Change is challenging, and can bring great risks.

But change needn’t be feared. Change is innovative, exciting and rewarding. Change stimulates creativity, brings new ideas to the fore and improves the way we work.

Change separates bad marketing from good marketing and good marketing from great marketing. It is your duty to constantly change what you do and how you do it, to challenge mores, conventions and expectations.

Change something today. Whether its your email footer, your sales letter, your banner ad, the position of a call to action button on your website, how you run a meeting, how you interact with a difficult member of your team.

Change just one thing. Go on try it. I have already by writing this blog post.


2 responses to “Change is good

  1. Great post – change is so hard for so many people. It’s a great idea to make change a part of every day. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Very inspiring. It’s what I needed to hear to start a new change. Thanks.

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