Content is queen, context is king

web2-0The evolution of digital marketing techniques has moved through the gears over recent years with Web 2.0 technology meaning we can develop faster loading pages, create rich and engaging content, drive traffic, capture complicated customer data and behaviour, and propagate information much quicker.

One thing holds true. Content is important. If customers are drawn towards you and you’re a fraud or you don’t live up to your hype, or they have an unedifying experience of your site, you lose them. But not only that. The power of the Internet magnifies the importance of content because now disgruntled customers and aggrieved prospects broadcast what you did or didn’t do to everyone else.

Content is one part of a two part problem for marketers. The other is context. Context is about relevance, accuracy and timeliness. It’s about communicating the right content to the right people at the right time. Web 2.0 means marketers need to engage with customers and build enduring relationships with them.

In this, the era of choice, ‘content in context’ is the only way to ply your trade profitably, for the long term.


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