Reaching out

portals marketing assassin blogIf you’re in b2b, are you making best use of the trade organisations and portals available to you?

Sure these days, most business people have joined the social networking revolution with a Linkedin profile. You may have joined some groups of like-minded individuals and be looking to engage with customers, prospects and suppliers.

But what about trade associations and online portals? Every sector has them. They aren’t generally the sexiest sites on the Internet, but they work in bringing people together.

Some are free, some paid for, consequently offering different accessibility. Most involve some sort of user-based forum for finding information, starting conversations, asking and answering. Some are linked to the main magazine in the sector.

Most have an online / print directory you can list in and offer a recruitment angle. Some even allow you to post your news and press releases, and if you want to pay more, advertise. The forward thinking trade associations and portals list tender and business opportunities demonstrating their business relevance.

Where do you go for your business information online? Reach out. It’s likely your customers go there too.


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