You are the Guardian Journalist

cave of time marketing assassin blogI recall with some fondness the Choose Your Own Adventure books I read in my youth.  The opportunity to escape to a new world, making decisions that affected me and the outcome of the story and to try something different. It was captivating.

Shoot 20+ years into the future and I still love words. I started writing this marketing based blog several months ago because I felt passionately about writing and also about inspiring others to market effectively (and because it might turn into a book and make me rich!)

As a result, I see great opportunities with the fledgling Guardian Local experiment being rolled out next year in Leeds, Cardiff and Edinburgh. This could be the next seismic shift in the news and communications sector. Though getting local people to contribute to local news is not a new thing, the fact The Guardian is trying this out means journalism as we know it could change forever.

If you’re interested, maybe even want to take part, read more about it here


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