Are you on the map?

are you on the map marketing assassin blogYour customers don’t keep your office hours. They don’t only go looking for the products and services you provide during the time they can contact you. We are in the 24 hour global economy. That’s why you spent all that money on your website and why you spend money on Adwords, trying to be the first found for what you do.

Thats the easy bit. That’s the Field of Dreams bit. You know ‘if we build it, they will come’ bit.

But is it enough?

Course not, but the other stuff takes time and money and you probably don’t have it. You can be smart though. Have you registered your business on Google Maps? Are you listed in FreeIndex? Have you taken advantage of the free listing available from YellDirect?

Run a search on ‘free business directory’ and sign up for as many as you can. It’ll take time, but if you get one prospect that turns into a customer, it was probably worth it.


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