Making crowdsourcing work for you

crowdsourcing marketing assassin blogI commented recently on Twitter about how Tourism Australia had announced a global competition with a £1,000 prize for the design of a new logo for Brand Australia. (You can check out the entries at

This followed hot on the heels of the recent ‘Best Job in the World’ competition to find a caretaker for a remote island in Queensland. The UK’s Ben Southall won the role for the first six months

Crowdsourcing is an increasingly popular way of accessing, utilising, even mobilising large groups of people through the web, whether its for a poll survey, to distribute ideas and offers, or as a way of getting attention amidst the general clutter. It probably started with sites like SurveyMonkey offering the opportunity to access the opinions of thousands of strangers very quickly.

Crowdsourcing has a particular strength when it comes to market research as it can be aggregated and shared at a fraction of the cost of commissioned research or even an entry into an omnibus survey. Perfect for budding Marketing Assassins keen to keep costs down and marketing focus high.

Think about networking sites like Linkedin. If you’re a member you can ask questions and create polls. Sure its not as refined as a survey but it can get you a feel for an topic fairly quickly.

For the most part people love to be asked a question, love to be asked their opinion and love to be seen as an expert in something.

Give it a try today. What is the number one question you would want to ask a group of people about your product, brand or business?


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