Good v fast v cheap

You can have things fast and cheap, but the quality will be compromised (like economy airline tickets booked in advance online with brands like RyanAir and EasyJet or purchasing a mainstream car).

You can have high quality fast, but you’ll pay a premium (off the shelf technology like Apple MacBooks).

And you can have high quality cost effectively but be made to wait for it (like hand made products or buying Ugg boots etc from abroad to save on price, tax and exchange rates).

I’ve seen a number of marketing agencies give away their creative cheaply as they’ve jumped through the hoops of a pitch, and have sat with clients who have built businesses forged on delivering good quality, quickly for next to nothing.

The simple truth is unless you’re Subway, if you deliver quality, quickly and do it for peanuts, you need to urgently re-engineer the proposition of your business because you are not developing value and are doing yourself long term harm.


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