Principles of marketing 11: Tactics

Tactical marketing is all about getting somebody (your target) to do something.

Whether you’re into customer acquistion, customer retention or customer engagement, your website, advertising, emarketing, mailshots, brochures, exhibition stands, viral videos, blog posts, whatever you spend your time and money on, NEED TO EFFECT AN ACTION.

There’s an old model they teach you in business school called AIDA. Like many of the concepts cited in this Principles of Marketing series, it has stood the test of time for some very good reasons. It’s simple, easy to understand and when applied, works.

First off, build Awareness. Get people to notice you. Be controversial, be safe, be inspiring, aboveall be something. Then be Interesting. Not mildly interesting or thought provoking, but sufficiently interesting that you create a Desire in them to learn more, to click to your site, to sign up for a newsletter, to register for a trial, to make a phone call, to download a brochure or voucher. Once there, that turns into an Action and that’s when you can start a meaningful dialogue.

People get hung up on tactics and tactical planning. But if you know who your audience is and where they are, shouldn’t your effort go into truthfully convincing them to listen to you and then consider switching to you, and over time to stay with you?

Makes you think again about the impact of your brochures, adverts, newsletters and website doesn’t it?


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