But can anyone find you? Some quick digital fixes

Its a good time of year to double check you have the basics right.

Integrate these four steps into your online marketing and you’ll become significantly more visible overnight!

1. Add your website /blog to search engine directories. That means visiting www.google.com/addurl and doing the same on MSN and Yahoo. It can take anything up to seven days for you to start to feature.

2. Add a site map – search engine spiders that index and rank sites love site maps as they give them an idea of how many pages your site has and where the dynamic content like news pages are.

3. Add incoming links – make sure you have incoming links from customer, supplier, partner and association sites into your site. Search engines don’t really care if you link out to hundreds of other sites as it says nothing about your credibility.

4. Add Google Maps – people search using all sorts of sub features whether its the main search, maps, images or news. Give yourself every opportunity of being found. Google Maps is the most overlooked.


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