Have you seen this man?

I’m sure he’s a lovely guy, but if this man appears in your marketing collateral, change it immediately.

He is one of the most overused portraits drawn from a well known internet image provider and represents a very lazy approach to creative marketing.

People with a good grasp of either marketing, design, business or advertising will recognise him straight away and you will be found out, your marketing investment wasted.

Lesson: Dare to be different. Your customers are dealing with you, not him.


4 responses to “Have you seen this man?

  1. You’re dead right. So many businesses use stock images without thinking. But let’s fact it, we all know it’s not them, not their premises, not their impossibly attractive receptionist that we’re looking at.
    I have a radical solution for this problem … employ a professional photographer to take some shots of ‘the real you.’ PS. I’m not actually a photographer myself.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. What’s more I’ve recently actively advocated precisely the same approach. More power to our (real) elbows!

  3. I don’t know this man, but completely agree with this thought. And, depending on how much photography you’re using, it can be even more cost-effective to have your own pics taken…with no fear of IP theft.

    One caveat: be wary of over-photographing employees…when they leave (as they almost certainly will), you’ll have some serious gaps to fill.

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