Get your tweet on

Don’t believe the press stories about its declining impact (Stephen Fry has only suspended activity whilst he writes a book).

Brands large and small make money from Twitter every day. Here are 10 ways of building profile and traffic on Twitter:

1. Use a good clear picture (avatar): Individual, personalised profiles work best on Twitter. True there are lots of brands and companies with profiles, but remember business people deal with people. It should be no different on Twitter.

2. Create an effective bio profile: Keep it real, make it relevant and interesting. State who you are, what you do, why you should be followed.

3. Tweet during peak time: Tweet at a time you know your audience will be online. So if you’re a UK business its 0900-1800, if you are interested in accessing other markets, you’ll need to adjust your schedule.

4. Repeat yourself: Accept that people won’t see every message you post. Don’t just repeat one tweet ten times a day, mix it up in within new content but accept you might need to repeat a morning tweet in the afternoon if it is important.

5. Develop a niche: Be specialist and expert in something. Stand for something. Share your news, comment and views and share industry news comments and views. People in time will click through to stories you tweet about.

6. Ask questions: Asking questions is a great way of raising engagement, whether it is about referrals, connections, the news, your industry or less business focused issues, but remember your ‘niche’.

7. Link to interesting sites: I’m a marketing consultant so I tweet marketing and business related stories from sources including Brand Republic, Marketing Week, The BBC, Management Today and the broadsheet press as it fits my niche profile and will hopefully attract the right audience to me.

8. Send @messages to top / influential users: This raises your profile in the public timeline by association, and will get you more followers – even if the people you message don’t reply to you.

9. Link your account: You can add widgets and feeds which share your Twitter activity to other platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Friendfeed, Ecademy, your website and your blog.

10. Post pictures: Applications like TwitPic allow you to upload pictures – great if you trying to promote products and services that need a little visual stimulus, or if you promoting finished projects.

Credit goes to the guys at howstuffworks for inspiring me to write this post. More resources and tips available on their site.


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