Comfortable in your own skin

Has your business rushed to diversify in the last twelve months because of the economic downturn? Has your management team realigned business objectives into new areas? Has your company overstretched in a bid to simply stand still?

Experience tells us that some recession innovators do ultimately stand the test of time. But what companies like Apple also have, and continually refine, is a compelling proposition, an unwaivered strategic vision and a serviceable market. Without these, most companies and brands can not last long term.

Most of us do not work for an Apple. But we should follow their lead and create and work to the same strategic framework in order to ensure durable long term business success.

This means we have to be bold, we can’t pretend to be something we’re not, we can’t try and land business we have no experience of delivering well, we can’t diversify into sectors we have no expertise in, and we can’t enrol new recruits without giving them the agreed destination and the map of how to get there.

In essence, we need to be comfortable in our own skin. Are you? Is your business?


3 responses to “Comfortable in your own skin

  1. My father used to tell me “You never learn when you’re happy”. A company which is relaxed about what it is doing has no motivation to progress. It is in responding to challenges that thought is given to strategic direction which moves the company on. Necessity is the mother of invention.

  2. I don’t think we’re talking about not wanting to progress. The last twelve months have forced some rushed decisions on companies and not all of those are necessarily right. We need to take stock some times.

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