Blogging: It’s a number’s game

8 months

66 posts

110 article reads in June

397 in July

92 in August

1181 in September

1165 in October

1161 in November

964 in December

1317 in January 2010 (to date)

Total reads 6345.

Thanks for reading, supporting, sharing, and commenting.

In no particular order, this blog has introduced me to lots of interesting people, allowed me to share my experience, helped me to build a profile online, enabled me to understand WordPress, provided content and discussion for Twitter and Linkedin, led to job offers, consulting contracts and other interesting opportunities and above all, helped lots of people think differently about their marketing challenges and how they can kill costs, reclaim time, be inspired and market better.

So, who says blogging doesn’t pay?


2 responses to “Blogging: It’s a number’s game

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