The real reasons behind Sickie Monday

According to research conducted by Management Today, the first Monday in February statisically results in more employees calling in sick than any other day of the year. An estimated 350,000 people in fact.

And I say ‘calling’. A quarter will text or email to avoid making that call.

If you made it into work, well done you.

If not why not? Dark and cold outside? Swine flu? Hungover? Wanted a long weekend? Needed a break after a hard first month back? Boss from hell? Company drifting along without real purpose? Generally uninspired and wanting to do something else? Fancied a day sprucing up your CV and getting it posted on the job boards?

Whatever the reason, you’ve probably lost commitment to your current role.

I believe that employees want to work in creatively stimulating environments, under managers that are inspirational in their leadership and firm in their direction and strategy for the business. And in a business that communicates its strategy and milestones regularly and rewards its staff on a meritocratic, not time served basis. When these things aren’t in place, the best staff inevitably look elsewhere.

If more workplaces were like this, I think it would start to cut the costs of absenteeism, and achieve greater levels of productivity.


3 responses to “The real reasons behind Sickie Monday

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  3. Yes, yes and yes! Great description of the ideal workplace…and a good reminder of our responsibility as leaders of an organization. Thanks for the inspiration!

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