Social media and the power of advocacy

This blog reflects on the Econsultancy seminar on social media effectiveness at Technology for Marketing & Advertising 2010. More can be found at

The classic AIDA approach to sales and marketing has at its core a customer journey from unaware through to customer. Social media in a short space of time has proved that it can be used as part of a fully integrated marketing strategy to deliver at every AIDA stage but most effectively in the areas of engagement with, building trust of and facilitating loyalty to a brand.

Social media, explained simply, encourages and enables advocacy. The ability to instantly refer, recommend, share, advocate a product, service, supplier or idea has revolutionised the use of the Internet. You can tap into groups of likeminded individuals, make people famous and reward contribution.

The communication principles of ‘content in context’ remain key to this as people only share relevant, interesting, funny, good or plain cool material with their online contacts.

There are numerous examples of campaigns that have drawn on the power of social media to go viral and move people and opinion. Just consider the return of Cadbury’s Wispa, The X Factor vs. Rage Against the Machine chart battle, Blackberry having the first Facebook business page and online support for recent catastrophes in Haiti and Chile.

Small and large businesses alike are making platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and MySpace, blogs and more work for them. Make advocacy happen for you by doing the same and taking it one step further by making it easy for people to share your content. Use ‘Retweet’ and ‘Share’ buttons and sites like and


2 responses to “Social media and the power of advocacy

  1. Glad you found the Econsultancy training seminar useful – and thanks for pulling out some key learnings. Because it’s such a hot topic, we did record this session, and you can view the video at

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