B2B Marketing Principles 7: Poor creative

B2B marketing is often epitomised by lazy and tired creative. I’m not talking about high end bespoke photography or clever five word slogans, I’m talking about the basics.

But if we assume that there hasn’t been the attention to details like targeting, the specifier or an effective value proposition, it’s not a surprise.

Like adverts aimed at equipment buyers in the oil & gas sector with – you guessed it – an oil rig in the background and a product shot in the foreground!  Flick through whichever sector specific trade magazine you like (I recommend Oil & Gas Engineer) and you’ll find at least ten clichéd advertisements.

Or like brochures that rely on over-used stock photography like this I talked about in a previous blog.

Or the use of flamboyant, over the top and ultimately undeliverable benefits.

What do they have in common? They were probably designed in isolation with little consideration of the environment in which they would be seen, with little appreciation of the requirements of the customer or an understanding of the competition and how they are positioning themselves.

To their credit, IAS B2B produced a great piece of direct mail in 2008 when they created 101 B2B Cliches. If you missed it, check the site out here.

And if you’re sick of lightbulbs, targets and handshakes representing what you do, challenge yourself to look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.

Image from Flickr


2 responses to “B2B Marketing Principles 7: Poor creative

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