Keeping focused

If you’ve run a WordPress blog you’ll know that the statistics are amazing. Now I’m at the level where I’m receiving 6,000+ reads a month on the blog alone (not accounting for subscriptions and syndicated reads on other social networking platforms), I thought I’d look and see what the most popular topics have been.

Why? It’s good practice to monitor what you are doing and ensure you are providing what people want and come to expect from you. So, for me, I’m interested in learning if I’m providing enough information, opinion and recommendation to stimulate readers to review and improve their own marketing planning and implementation?

Based on posts read on the blog page, the top ten topics to date are:

1. Agency related posts

2. Evaluation & control (metrics, measurement)

3. Planning, especially setting objectives

4. Strategy

5. Understanding customers

6. Business development, winning pitches

7. Social media, networking and engagement

8. Online marketing

9. B2B marketing

10. Comment on marketing, business news

Consequently, you can expect more on working with and getting the best from agencies, a whole series on evaluation, control and measurement, a new series on cost effective marketing approaches for SMEs, and lots of tips and recommendations on making the best of all available media to propel your brand to success.

A great many people have shared, re-tweeted and commented on the blog over its nine month life so far.  Hope you continue to stop by.



One response to “Keeping focused

  1. Interesting summary, I look forward to reading more. I think in particular SMEs will need to see a lot more from Internet marketing / website development firms offering a compelling blend of a cost effective marketing strategy with something meaningful in the Social Media arena. At the moment few agencies are bringing these together effectively.

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