It’s the thought that counts

Well targeted professional and personal communication has died a death thanks to the rise of the digital age.

Sure, on one hand, the Internet provides powerful scope, scale, immediacy and the ability to broadcast to thousands of people.

But sometimes in being too quick to embrace technology we’re missing out on generating the simple pleasures and that means we’re probably not engaging as well as we could be.

Receiving a greeting card or letter in the mail remains one of the most powerful forms of communication available, but businesses remain immune or incapable of learning and applying this to their contact stratgies.

You have key customers, top clients and important partners. But do you know when their birthday is? Their wedding anniversary? Their job anniversary? Their children’s birthdays? Their favourite sport and sports team?

Building truly unique everyday communications around things that are important to them will elevate you from supplier to partner status and develop a long term and profitable business relationship.

People do business with people and there has to be chemistry for it to work. Be the one who has the thought that counts.


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