A year as a blogger

This blog is one year old next week. I’ve written a number of pieces on The Marketing Assassin blog about blogging, how to get going, how to keep going, (creating an editorial calendar to avoid writer’s block) and how to distribute your content to enable it to fulfil its broadcast potential. But given this is the first post in a couple of weeks, I should probably return to those earlier posts and review my approach – It’s a numbers game and Blogging in hindsight.

I think The Marketing Assassin blog has served some very important purposes for me and the people that generously give their time to reading it, sharing it and commenting on it.

The blog itself is going to undergo some major transformation over the coming weeks and months – not least as it moves from WordPress.com to fully designed and interactive WordPress.org status. This will allow greater design, content and functionality to be added which will give readers and visitors a hopefully more stimulating experience. By openly stating this, I know have to make it happen (there is another useful lesson in there somewhere!)

But an important part of a good blogging strategy has been missing and I’ve started putting that right today. It sits at the heart of building a credible online profile and it is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

I take a lot of newsfeeds and subscribe to a number of interesting blogs retweeting and sharing a good number of them on a daily basis. What I rarely do is comment on them or add them to my Blogroll on my own home page. I am empowered to continue on when someone takes the time to comment on one of my blog articles so I figure it makes sense to reciprocate when I read something that stirs me likewise, whether it is in a positive or negative (but always constructive) way.

It’s a hard thing to keep going with something like a blog whatever the subject and whatever your passion for it, especially in addition to looking after a number of demanding clients and a busy domestic life.  But you can expect to see a lot more in terms of recommendations, links to blogs from other inspiring commentators and more engaging and thought provoking content in coming months.

For now, hit the home page and scroll down, you should now see some links to some of the blogs that often stimulate me and give me food for thought.

Image: University College of Dublin


4 responses to “A year as a blogger

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blogs in recent weeks. I think it is good that it comes straight into my inbox, I have the choice of whether or not to read it!
    As a Graphic Designer I like to read about things from a Marketing point of view – because I think we do see things differently.

    On a different note – why the change from WordPress.com or .org? Is this just the hosting or the background build as well? I will be interested to see your new blog.

  2. Thanks Jane. Appreciate the feedback and honesty. We all struggle with information overload so it means alot when people bother. Hope it inspires you to think about doing it for yourself. On your point about org v com, org simply allows greater freedom over design, use of plugins and affords better broadcast and distribution. I cant for example add the tweetmeme function to the blog at the moment.

  3. Well done on 1 year of blogging. I have only been blogging seriously for 18 months, and it feels like a lot longer. There are some great blogs/ articles on here, and I’m looking forward to the blogs to come. Thanks Rene 🙂

    • Thanks for the note means alot. Had a quick look at your site this morning, doing some interesting things yourself. I’ll add you to my blogroll this week.

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