My favourite quote and why

A recent Linkedin group discussion asked for member’s favourite quotes.  My answer to this question is always the same:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”  Henry Ford

The reason? It eloquently illustrates the great human paradox: needing to change but not fundamentally wanting to or being able to.

We see on a daily basis closed-minded business leaders and workforces unable to embrace change, despite change and the need to be nimble, creative and innovative actually being inevitable.

Do you agree? What is your favourite quote and why?


2 responses to “My favourite quote and why

  1. Trevor Lambert

    ‘Cigarettes are very like weasels. Perfectly harmless unless you put one in your mouth and try to set fire to it.’ – Boothby Graffoe

    Well you didn’t say it had to be a business quote!

    • You’re right Trevor, I didn’t did I. Poor briefing on my part. Nice to have your input though on this and other discussions.

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