Doing it well or not at all

Launching a brand externally before you’ve prepared the company for the reaction…

Spending money on branding but letting regional managers do what they want with it…

Advertising your product but without  a compelling call to action…

Crafting the most enticing copy imaginable but using tired old stock images in your brochure ware…

Building a database but not using it effectively for relationship and business building purposes…

Sending direct mail but not following up by phone…

Building a beautiful website but not investing a little more in ensuring the world can find it…

Writing a blog but not using RSS, Twitter and your website to distribute it…

Taking space at a major trade show but failing to build an integrated communication campaign around it in advance to drive interest…

Everyone of these (and more) are a crime against marketing but are committed on a daily basis by businesses the world over. Is yours one of them? Isn’t it better to market well or not at all?


5 responses to “Doing it well or not at all

  1. I’d like to add one more. As a proofreader, it amazes me how some companies will spend hundreds, if not more, on the visuals of their outward communications with little thought to the accuracy of its content.

    Spelling mistakes and other errors seriously detract from a company’s professional image and could actually make the money spent on the flashy design concept virtually worthless.

    • That’s a great point.

      • Trevor Lambert

        On Friday I was given a business card by a very experienced gentleman who has now set himself up as a business advisor.

        When I flipped over his card I read the following:

        “A fast injection of expertise & practical advise giving new impetus to business.”

        I didn’t have the heart to tell him.

  2. Well, someone should have advised him! 😉

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