The downside of optimisation

Searching for information online is now fraught with problems and frustration.  Try it. Run a search for ‘b2b marketing’ on Google, Twitter, anywhere you like and see what pops up. Do you locate the best, most desirable suppliers and sources of information? Or the best promoters?

If we turn the notion of search engine optimisation on its head, it’s actually easy with a little understanding for businesses to rank well on search. How? By carefully manipulating certain keywords and running it through their meta structure, copy, content, sitemaps and tags and positioning themselves vaguely on those keywords even if it is only part of what they do and where they want to be.

There are lots of charlatans who understand how to do this, who jump aboard the bandwagon when it’s convenient to do so. It’s a shame that only now when b2b marketing is developing some cache are we seeing more experts, more specialists, more gurus and more agencies trying to cash in.

But then isn’t it like that in all walks of life?



5 responses to “The downside of optimisation

  1. I agree. Organic ranking in the search engines, isn’t as “organic” as it used to be, but people still seem to trust sites ranked “naturally” than those ranking from PPC. Hmmmm, but for how much longer?

  2. Yes, I’ve often wondered about this mildly unfair aspect of search engine optimisation. It’s also the case that one private organisation (Google) can dictate what is “good” or not on the internet.

    But, “them’s the breaks” as they say…

    • It’s true Google dominates. But there are some options in Yahoo, Bing and increasingly specific portal sites like YouTube for video etc. Facebook etc will probably build search functionality on a global level in soon, as a way of maintaining traffic. It’s useful to remember that if you are an international business or targeting certain parts of the world, there are localised search engines like Baidu operating too.

  3. To turn your question on its head – why would you want to employ a b2b marketer who couldn’t get themselves to rank well?

    I would have thought that’d be your shop window, your opportunity to show what you can do.

    • Hi Tim, nice switch.

      It was a search word example that I believe could be applied to any search criteria. For example, being the best luxury bed manufacturer does not necessarily equate to being the best luxury bed promoter whether online or offline. Answering a question with a question, do you really find everything you’re looking for on page one?

      The concept of search is, in itself, arguably a short cut. Some people are just naturally better at manipulating short cuts?

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