Can you give makeover advice to The Marketing Assassin?

The Marketing Assassin blog is going to get a makeover in September 2010 when I move it from to fully functional status. It’s daunting and exciting, not least as I attended Wordcamp in Manchester in July and most of it went right over my head!

But if this little blog is to develop and start to take on the world, I think it needs to be designed a little better, have a more intuitive navigation structure, be more accessible to readers, be optimised for search and the major blog directories, be able to handle video, audio and rich media content and be easy to share, retweet etc.

It was set up with the content solely in mind (I’m a writer not a programmer), but I’m interested in your suggestions on improvements, what you’d like to see added, changed or taken away.

Please feel free to leave comments and any recommendations of other attractive WordPress sites on this page.


Image Casper College


2 responses to “Can you give makeover advice to The Marketing Assassin?

  1. Hi Rene

    I like the black/grey/orange colour scheme – might ditch the red header in favour of orange. The column width is just right for reading.

    You need a top navigation for your pages, and a sidebar navigation for your blog categories etc. Similar to what you have on your home page.

    On the home page, I would prefer the categories to be first, top posts etc and put the twitter feed lower.

    Google webmaster gives really good advice on how your web pages should be set up, but try and make them validate. Head to W3C or Google to find out more.

    Any videos could be put on You Tube and then you can link/embed via any posts.

    Actually there are several companies where you can buy some excellent “themes”, that you can personalise with a little knowledge of CSS. You can find them by doing a search on Google.

    Hope this helps.


    • Thanks Jane, really appreciate your user and design input. I was musing at one point on red/black as colour scheme, rather than orange/black.

      I think migrating to and having full control over structure and design will mean that I can have the usual top and side navigation and make it look a little more like a website. Once there, I can look into themes a little more – its amazing how limiting is in comparison, but it has served me well.

      Your point on verification is good too. I only worked out last night how to verify and submit to Google which I did – as there isn’t meta data as such on this site, it was tucked away. I’m going to do the same for Yahoo! and Bing now too.

      Embedding video hosted elsewhere is a great shout – that way I get twice the sources and the valuable incoming links for greater optimisation.

      Thanks again! Anything you need in return just get in touch here or on Twitter @renepower

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