The b2b social media challenge – is this you?

Change, by its very nature, isn’t easy. Humans are programmed to resist. So, convincing a manager or business owner of the benefits in moving from controlling and broadcasting your message to operating in a more engaging and sharing way takes guts and self belief.

Social media is in fact a horrible catch-all umbrella term. It does little for b2b marketers who work in professional markets, so it is best to start small and start focused.

Don’t waste time setting up Facebook pages and Twitter feeds if, for example, you sell valves and seals through an international distribution network (though over time having accounts aids search engine optimisation). Instead, opt for Linkedin to build your profile, join groups and forums and position as an expert in the issues that arise out of valve disfunction.

Consider submitting news and opinion releases and posting responses on prominent industry news sites. Over time this might provide opportunities to produce white papers and open up speaker opportunities using the latest webinar technology. With video accounting for around 50% of all Internet search, use YouTube to host a video channel dedicated to showing why your products, services and people are best in class.

This is all social media – relevant to b2b – but without jumping on the Facebook/Foursquare bandwagon. Taking a focused approach will give your business a more enriched online presence, placing it where your audiences are more likely to congregate. As importantly, it positions you as an innovative lynchpin to your organisation, as you enable the company to reach out to potential customers hitherto unreachable.

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