Top Tweets of the Week (17 Sept 2010)

As I get an enormous amount of useful information from people I follow on Twitter, every Friday I’m going to try and provide my Top 5 Tweets of the Week. Regular readers might view it as a bit of a kop out, but hey, it’s a Friday! There will still be 2-3 other great and insightful posts through the week.

As you’ve come to expect on this blog, Top Tweets will cover the areas of marketing, digital marketing, business and personal and professional development.

Monday: 29 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed Sourced from @CIMWorldwide: via @mashsocialmedia @mashable

Tuesday: Like reading b2b marketing blogs? Here are 344 to choose from Sourced from @GalenDY Proteus B2B

Wednesday: Seth’s Blog: Self-delusion and self-loathing Sourced from @ThisIsSethsBlog

Thursday: Interesting view on content curation – the quick way to blogging Sourced from @smexaminer

Thursday: Ten ways to re-energise your blog Sourced from @smb2b

And a special mention to @brookhouse for The Andrew L Daily from Tuesday  ▸ featuring Marketing Metrics 8: Email marketing as a feature story.

A great example of content curation and blogging in action! I’m looking at distribution as a result!

Hope they all inspire you as they have me.


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