Five questions you should ask before promoting or redesigning your website

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on websites that can’t quickly and easily communicate what they’re about.

Here are five things you should check on your website before you spend any more time promoting it or in advance of a redesign. If you can’t subjectively view your site through the eyes of a customer, ask your partner, mother, neighbour instead. Do it today, the results might surprise you.

1. Can I identify who the company is if I enter the site on any page? This will often happen through search. Prominent logos and strap lines should appear on every page.

2. What does the company do and what does the website offer me? What information, downloads, transactional opportunities exist for me?

3. What can I do now that I’m here? What action prompts are in place – can I watch a video, open a brochure, sign up/register, visit a blog or news page, visit a store?

4. Where I can get started? Which elements from the above can I start looking at now? (Holiday and hotel sites are adept at encouraging instant search in their navigation).

5. Why should I stay? What benefit can this site / business provide for me?

If you’ve just discovered you’re in the business of ‘total integrated efficient streamlined solutions’ you probably  don’t need me to outline the damage this messaging has been doing to your business over time. You’re not alone. The good news though, is that you can do something about it right now.


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