Top Tweets of the Week (8 Oct 2010)

More from the Twitterati that I think is worthy of your attention.

A real social media related feast this week – especially useful for the doubters and detractors, but also as a timely reminder to the more open minded. Hope you all had a good week, and as ever that these links (in brackets) provide some inspiration.

Monday – RT @Econsultancy: The demise of the new media empire? (

Tuesday – 5 Tips for Utilizing Skype for Small Business (

Wednesday – Approach your next task differently from Seth’s Blog: Next! ( RT @ThisIsSethsBlog

Thursday – Interesting RT @OnlineMediaTips: How Businesses should use social media – A Slideshare presentation (

Thursday – RT @smb2b Pros and Cons of Blocking Social Media at Your B2B Company (

Friday – Brilliant RT @TweetSmarter: Superman’s social network nightmare (


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