Maximising potential (A CIM event review)

The CIM Manchester branch laid on an interesting event involving speaker Chris Hughes last week. Here are my takeaway’s from an engaging session with Chris on improving not only your, but your team’s performance too. This plays to the ‘be inspired’ element of the blog!

1. Personal effectiveness is linked to time effectiveness.

2. Do you routinely focus on the small £10 jobs or that one important £1000 job?

3. Identify the non-productive emotions that inevitably manifest themselves when you’re not in your groove – anger, frustration, upset, lethargy etc.

4. Recognise that non-productive emotions lead to non-productive behaviours such as procrastination, time wasting, blaming others, putting things off, aimlessly browsing the internet, gossiping in the office etc.

5. Half an hour of dead time a day when extrapolated  is almost a month in unproductive time!

6. Remove quick wins culture and replace with continuous improvement, recognising that after any training and development there will be an inevitable increase but that over time it will fall off. The key is to continually invest so slight troughs always turn into bigger  peaks and that performance is improved consistently over time.

7. Applying a small change in thought inevitably leads to a big change in behaviour.

8. Focus on what you are best at. Master your potential, but seek to step out of your comfort zone.

9. Change always leads to improvement which leads to success. Learning from bad, poor, upsetting experiences is the way we learn best. Challenging yourself to try new things is critical.

10. Ultimately, focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Seems obvious, but hoards of people go into work dreading it… often because they are putting off the £1000 job because it is too difficult when it actually just needs to be tackled a little differently!

In summary, an interesting session delivering in an engaging way by a passionate, talented professional.


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