Why writing a blog is no longer enough when it comes to blogging

I’ve known for a while that writing a blog and not promoting it effectively makes all the effort pretty much redundant. It’s like locking a work of art in a dark room.

Consequently, and deliberately, I’ve used Twitter, Linkedin status and group discussions, Ecademy and other publication sites like Yahoo!’s Contributer Network (formerly Associated Content) to publish links and teasers to drive traffic and interest.

It has worked well, but seems to have levelled with around 200-300 visits to the site a day, another 200 or so on other sites, 100 or so email registrants and an indefinable number of readers using RSS / reader feeds.

To supplement this, and to raise profile, I periodically posted relevant responses on blogs of interest (I follow lots through Google Reader) and sometimes strategically on blogs with significantly more traffic than mine. This seems to be paying dividends as when I happened to look at the statistics on one of my better performing blog posts this week, I found the following:

There seems to be three distinct factors at play here.

1/ The author’s seeding strategy is key, and forms the basis of successful content marketing. Placing content in selected places where you know your targets ‘graze’ encourages take up and sharing.

2/ I didn’t place most of the links showing above, which suggests someone else did.

3/ Reading, commenting on, reaching out to and sharing other blogs has a positive effect on delivering traffic back to your own blog. Why? Because when you log in to add your comment you can insert your blog URL which when the comment goes live sits as a hyperlink on your name.

Therefore, posting insightful comments intrigues readers who then might click through to see what else you are saying.

I then looked at what was being read.

The fascinating thing is it isn’t always the blog post of the day. I put this down to the ‘recently posted’ and ‘most read’ lists on the home page. If you haven’t activated these tabs, add them today!

So, even once you’ve selected a topic, got going and kept it regular, is not enough. You should promote and link to previous posts, seed and interact with better visited sites to drive real take up and traffic.

A take away action: Pick the ten most important news, portal and blog sites related to your business and start reading, tweeting and most importantly commenting and see where it takes you.

Image: Revegetation Services


10 responses to “Why writing a blog is no longer enough when it comes to blogging

  1. You can measure your feeds reach by using a tool called Feedburner. You would have to adjust the feed on the main blog site you use. As you use a ‘free’ WordPress site you may not be able to use Feedburner at all.

    As a marketing expert I would be interested as to why you don’t use your own domain to blog on?


    • Thanks for stopping by Sarah. I do have Feedburner operating on the blog and will be adding the recently updated WordPress.com email subscription too.
      Following yesterday’s blog on over-inflated titles, a marketer / marketing professional is about as far as I want to go, but your question about the domain is a fair one. In truth, I wanted to get it going, build traction and get an audience. I’ve had a couple of domains bought for a while but need to get the time to make the jump to self hosting. It will come soon. Hopefully you opt to watch this space!

  2. I will take your advice by commenting on your blog which I found through a Twitter RT. Your strategy is working. I did not know about Yahoo Contributor Network so I have a new distribution outlet to explore.

    Thanks for adding value,


    • Today’s blog post has certainly been a good one for me. The real benefit of Yahoo Contributor is that when you post links to your content on Twitter (content you wrote and uploaded) it automatically looks even more credible, as it is on a third party site. Plus there is an active community on there ‘stumbling over’ your content too. Thanks for commenting. I’ll reciprocate in due course.

  3. Thanks for the info about Yahoo Contributor network.
    Have you experimented with guest blogging yet?

    On the wordpress domain…better to have your own and have some additional control over the data.

  4. I check my site stats often too like what you do. I rarely share my posts using twitter and facebook though. I think it’s narcissist when I do it so much.

    • That’s exactly what Twitter and Linked in updates and discussion threads are there for. Try it, you’ll see an upsurge for sure.

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  6. I’m always interested in how to better promote my work so when I read your blog post (found through stumbleupon.com) I got some good tips out of it.


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