So, what did you ship in 2010?

In true Seth Godin style (29 Dec 2010 blog), I recently reflected on my own achievements in 2010. He is currently talking a lot about shipping, actually getting things done, fighting the negative lizard brain – the voice in your head that holds you back. He published books, ran book tours, masterclass events, set up businesses and blogged every day in 2010.

I’m not fortunate to have the years, the ten bestsellers, a successful consultancy career, being around at the right time or indeed the time Seth has created to devote as much time and resource to his endeavours.

Much of my work is deliberately long term in focus. Amongst my highlights were authoring 110 blog posts on this site, engaging 60,000 individual hits in 2010; Successfully working on my own for a short period, before joining an international b2b marketing agency and adding new clients to the agency roster; Developing a business-focused social media offering and content marketing approach for clients; Building credible Linkedin, Twitter & Ecademy followings in the thousands; Developing a profile as an active contributor to discussion forums, blogs and article postings.

In 2011, I’ll be doing more to advance this blog and interest in it, including more audio, video and interactive content. I’ll be further developing my own and my company’s profiles online. My writing will appear on the BDB blog and monthly on the Business on Twitter blog. I’ll be getting more involved with the CIM in Cheshire and Manchester, and its new Technology Market Interest Group and will be taking my first steps into the conference speaking space with Social Media Academy’s event in Manchester on 24 March.

Q: So back to the question, what did you ship in 2010? And what are you going to ship in 2011? Life is too short to procrastinate, act now. Be bold. Make your mark.

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