Do you need to watch what you tweet?

I don’t think many people care if I use L’oreal Men Expert face cream, prefer Cafe Nero over Costa Coffee, enjoy the occasional Bushmills over ice, or take the family to Centreparcs. But it seems when Liz Hurley, Peter Andre, Lily Allen and Jonathan Ross do it, they are deemed to be promoting brands, potentially fiddling the taxman of undeclared income.

Indeed, The Daily Mail’s ‘expose’ of celebrities apparently using their status to endorse products raises some interesting questions about use of the ultra popular micro-blogging platform for business purposes.

As we know, what happens on Twitter stays on Twitter.

So make sure you don’t use unnecessary profanity, get into arguments, post anything offensive or in contravention of data protection laws. Avoid negative comment of individuals, companies or brands and as we’ve seen above, tread carefully in matters of promotion.

If you run polls, surveys and promotions that take readers to landing pages ensure all terms and conditions cover any engagement with your business.

All these problems magnify if you tweet from a corporate account.

In a similar way to leaving an email in draft rather than sending in the heat of the moment, sometimes a little caution will save you a lot of embarrasment further down the line.

Image Zimbio


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