Change your life 2.0

Regular readers know I scour the Internet for inspiration and engaging content to share. I take in a lot of interesting stimulii, and occasionally something hits me between the eyes and warrants sharing even though it might not on the face of it fall within the self imposed ‘marketing’ confines of this blog.

However, Coach Bay’s excellent slide deck ‘Change your life 2.0’ hammers home three important ways to get yourself out of that rut you may be in right now and comes very highly recommended. It’s deceptively simple and short, it won’t take two minutes to skim through, but could resonate with you much longer!


One response to “Change your life 2.0

  1. Rene,

    In addition to commercial writing, I also have a coaching background, and so feel drawn to comment on this post.

    Coach B’s ‘KAW’ looks like a very simple and powerful way of summing up how many committed people do get from A to a chosen B, C etc – whatever that is for them.

    And from my own experiences, I’d say the Jim Rohn quote has much truth in it. So, what I’m about to write below does not refer to KAW as I understand it.

    Many so-called coaches and mentors are honest and caring but alas, some are only in it for the money. A minority shouldn’t be anywhere near coaching as they’re a liability to themselves and to their ‘clients’.

    That’s why I recommend people to be careful about becoming too dependent on any ‘system’ or ‘-ology’ that earns a crust from guiding others through big goals, such as career or lifestyle change .

    For example, the unscrupulous will not hesitate to tell you that “cutting off the cynics who are raining on your dreams” is the way forward. Even if those alleged cynics are close relatives or friends.

    Such manipulative and deceitful tactics are very similar to what cults do when they want to recruit and retain followers.

    Of course, most rational adult minds can perform due diligence on a course of action before proceeding and are not easily taken in by shysters. The problem arises when the rational mind becomes seduced by dreams without foundations or structure. People in that state can easily go overboard on paying for and taking an ‘expert’s’ advice.

    Caveat emptor.

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