An outrageous request

I need your help. This is my 199th blog post, and my 24th day of straight blogging as part of my commitment to write every day in 2011.

I’m investing my heart, soul and an awful lot of time in this blog. Whether you’re a student, a graduate, new in a role, working your way up, managing yourself, managing a team, running a business, running a community or working in education, I think this blog offers some food for thought, challenges, provides useful tips and yes, could help you market different, market better.

I don’t have the best selling books, the speaker opportunities or the audience that guys like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan have. I work full time, have a wife and am raising two young boys.

The point I’m stumbling towards is this: Sometimes in business you have to be blunt and you have to ask when you need something.

So, if you like this blog, some of it, or maybe the occasional post, I’d be really grateful if you could recommend it to others, in your team, your clients, your Twitter and Linkedin contacts. There are various sharing devices on each and every post, the email sign up on the home page and you can import it into an RSS reader.

I’ll do my bit by moving to self hosting, improving the design, functionality  and SEO, making sharing and following easier, creating a linked Facebook page and writing more content that matters.

Consider me your Follow Friday. It’s not going to cost you anything but it would make a real difference to me.


6 responses to “An outrageous request

  1. Rene, I’ve been tweeting some of your posts and will continue to do so, and also share on LI where appropriate.

    Posting daily is a BHAG goal… do you have a theme/topic for each day of the week?

    • Thanks Mark appreciate your support and our blossoming relationship across the continents. I have an editorial calendar of sorts, some groups of posts, and some themes but I try and mix them up. It’s interesting, perhaps inevitable that any post that talks about Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook get the most interest (bandwagon!) but the most read posts are actually about monitoring, measurement, ROI and evaluation – clearly areas marketers still need support and guidance in.

  2. You asked nicely so why not help you?

  3. Michael Stewart

    No problem at all Rene – good stuff on here.

  4. Attractive! I will follow on Twitter, follow me back. Luv the blog! I especially enjoyed “10 ways to get the most from your agency.” Thanx!

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