Twenty Reasons Why Facebook rocked 2010

Facebook marches inexorably towards dominating the battle for attention raging on the Internet.

This excellent presentation shows how Facebook has not only innovated in a number of areas but also taken on new startups in a bid to attract and retain its audience of over 500m users, half of whom log in and spend time on the site every single day.

The line between social and business is blurring ever more and Facebook is in part responsible. If you don’t have personal and business pages set up on Facebook you are really missing out on lucrative audience access, potential business and valuable search engine optimisation.


3 responses to “Twenty Reasons Why Facebook rocked 2010

  1. nice slide and i think facebook is the biggest marketing tool at the moment and it has the potential to change any business.

    • I’m coming around to thinking that Facebook is useful for business too, but we must remember that 500m users predominantly use it to keep in touch with friends and family. They aren’t going to appreciate spammy brand interruption.

  2. I am with you on this one Rene – a very fine balancing act. I adopt a friendly chatty way that I just let my “Friends” know what I am up to. I figure if someone asks them if they know a Graphic Designer, they will think of me.

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