9 ways to get hired, marketing 2.0 style

Competition for jobs in marketing is getting plain ridiculous. Having a degree, a year or two’s experience, and a Linkedin page just isn’t going to cut it any more.

We’ve seen marketers displaced during the recession creating YouTube CVs and auctioning themselves on eBay.

You’re going to be up against a new breed of digital natives when you next interview and you need to be able to meet the challenge head on.

Here are my top nine tips on personal branding and getting hired marketing 2.0 style.

1. Write a blog. It doesn’t have to be about marketing but it helps. Failing that, write about what moves you, what you feel passionate about, as it shows through in your writing. It also demonstrates creativity, opinion and staying power. Too many people start a blog and eventually stop. Believe me, it takes guts to commit to this, and people do respect it.

2. Read and comment on blogs and industry news. Learn from and associate yourself with thought leaders. Exposing yourself to new ideas and the latest thinking prevents you from going stale.

3. Use groups and forums. The point behind 2 & 3 is to learn and join the debate, rather than sitting it out. Smart companies should be looking for provocative, disruptive thinkers to challenge them and ensure they continue to innovate.

4. Tweet. But only when you have something to say and share that matters. Share links, comments, RT and provide your own content. Nobody cares about what you had for lunch.

5. Go social. Set up all your critical social media accounts in one hit. Visit NameChk and then spend a few hours snagging them.

6. Embrace tech. Marketing trends in 2011-12 are mobile, location based marketing, a resurgence in email and social media optimisation to name a few. Any credible marketer needs to be bang on trend, needs to be to talk it and walk it.

7. Prospect. Know where you want to work and follow them. It’s easy with Google Alerts, Linkedin company profiles, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to keep updated of developments.

8. Network. There is extraordinary opportunity to the focused in using online and offline networks. Don’t forget bodies like The CIM and special interest groups like SpeakEasy that give you presentation training in a safe environment.

9. Speak. Use your networks to create opportunities to speak about your passion. Alongside blogging, it was on the best things you can do to draw people towards you.

Q: What are you doing to make yourself more employable?


7 responses to “9 ways to get hired, marketing 2.0 style

  1. This is a great post! I still can’t quite understand that some people in marketing don’t really embrace Social Media and Digital marketing (Web 2.0).
    Maybe they’ve been in a time warp or on a really long holiday somewhere very remote.

    • Thanks Peter. Indeed, point ten might have been ‘Google’ people you respect and then Google yourself. Should find it to be an illuminating read.

  2. Having just finished my English Lit MA I’m hoping to get a 4 day-a-week job working in Social Media in London.

    I started a blog which has a tweetable ‘Help – employment wanted’ page: http://jonathanrose.wordpress.com/help-employment-wanted/

    But whilst I wait for a job, I’ve started a hyperlocal movement called Purley 2.0 in which a friend and I are running tweetups and workshops in Croydon.


    The idea is that my experience of raising an entire town’s digital literacy will make for a great social media case study for future work and gives me a chance to practise public speaking, social media strategy and community leadership.

    Again, this has got good ‘spread’ across social media platforms like FB and Twitter and hopefully has raised my profile.

    Hopefully, my use of 2.0 in several areas are helping to show prospective employers that I’m serious about social media and that they should employ me! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Jonathan and good on you for taking charge of your career direction in such focused style. Looks impressive. In many respects you’re doing more than me! I hope this link helps. The blog will be tweeted again 2-3 times today and is an active discussion in a number of Linkedin marketing groups and on business entreprenuer network Ecademy. Best of luck and keep in touch.

      • Rene,

        Thank you very much for your good wishes (and allowing me to use your blog as a platform!).

        Looking forward to learning more from your work – Jonny Rose 🙂

  3. Having just started the search for my first professional job in marketing I am amazed at the competition out there, for every quality/skill/qualification I have, there seems to be ten other people out there who have the same. I’ve been focusing on making my CV an all-singing all-dancing document about me but, as you’ve said, you’ve got to be proactive and network.
    After googling myself I had a bit of a shock at just how much people can see about me even though I’d made most things online private. I’m now developing my CV and managing my online image with the help of a e-profile site I’ve found http://www.Biobble.com
    I’ve been tweeting and have just started a blog but have been wondering if this is really the right way to go, I don’t have the biggest following yet ! Reading this though, has made me realise that if I want to be work in marketing I need to actively use social media anyway and what better place to start than during my job hunt !

    • I think CVs are important but increasingly your digital footprint will allude to your character, interests and commitment to your chosen profession. Good luck with everything you do. Stay in touch!

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