Disruptive thinking

Three questions to start your week with:

1. How innovative and creative do you think you are? Do you conform to parameters set by your team, manager, company, customers and market?

2. Have you ran the same marketing program for the last few years, with the barest of occasional tweaks, or subtlest of nods to using a new channel to market?

3. Do you sit in meetings and hold your tongue, and then wilt inside when someone else voices your great idea and gets the plaudits?

Sounds like you need to get a bit of disruptive thinking into your life.

Being disruptive isn’t  a bad thing. It means picking the right moment to question a decision, approach, policy, activity or action and critically assessing whether it is rooted in strategy and will deliver against firm and measurable objectives.

There’s  a balance. Too much and you become an obstacle. Too little or never, and you’re a wallflower.

Top firms (like the ubiquitous Apple) cultivate environments that nurture talent by encouraging employees to thrive by thinking outside the box and to conceive truly groundbreaking products and services.

If you’re not getting the opportunity to produce work that is groundbreaking, work that matters, maybe you need to start asking yourself why.

Afterall, and perhaps selfishly, we only get one shot at this thing called life.

Image: Value Networks



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