Top Tweets of the Week (A review) w/c 7 Feb 2011

My weekly Twitter round up

This week in history Beatlemania hit the US (in 1964) so it seems appropriate to discuss other global phenomena. I was interested to read that 381m checkins took place in 2010 on Foursquare. Haven’t quite worked it out myself, but local is going to be a big thing for marketers in 2011 – and the choice will grow too once you factor in Facebook’s interest.

Before the events in Egypt really got going, Google stepped in, taking the opportunity to promote freedom of expression by releasing a ‘speak-to-tweet’ service for Egyptian mobile phone users in the eye of the storm.

Another topic increasing its column inch coverage has been the interest in QR codes. Social Media Examiner put together a useful and all encompassing blog laying out the why and the how of using them in your marketing campaigns.

We learnt in the UK this week that the newly created North West Fund would make £185m available for businesses wanting to start up, grow and diversify. The small print says there is an equity share trade off.  Sounds very Dragons Den to me, but if you need a financial injection, are based in the North West and meet the qualifying criteria, it might be worth a look.

If you work in a cross border, multi-site or multi-disciplinary team, consider the GE approach. MarkNet was set up to link 5000 marketing professionals across 30 businesses. Inspirational.

And finally, as it is Valentines weekend, here are some Apps for chocolate lovers.


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