Being part of the conversation

In true Wiley Press style, this post will appeal to Twitter novices or ‘act as a reference to the rest of you’.

The rise of influence scoring tools like Klout which try to monitor the impact of social media activity has put measurement in the spotlight. There are an incredible number of tools you can draw upon to establish passive and active audience, who is retweeting your content, who your best followers are and where you exert the most influence.

But doesn’t the point of using Twitter ultimately lie in being part of the conversation and engaging with a group of likeminded people in relation to a particular subject? If this is true, then hash tags offer the best, and most immediate way of achieving this.

With this in mind, I’m grateful that one of my Twitter buddies @Waterfallman pointed me in the direction of an interesting site,

Hashtags are words that you often see in a tweet preceded by a # sign, link tweets and allow them to be grouped, searched and followed. Hash tags are now common place when it comes to following and discussing real time news events, sporting events, high interest television programmes and increasingly to support conferences, exhibitions and other events at every pre, during and post event stage.

Here’s a real time search on b2bmarketing: quickly and easily tells you who is using specific hash tags, giving you visibility of a conversation which may have developed beyond your ability to track it in Twitter or a professional Twitter client, like TweetDeck or Hootsuite.

Give it a whirl, it might open up some interesting conversations and some interesting new connections.



2 responses to “Being part of the conversation

  1. Thanks for this, Rene. Having only recently started to explore Twitter, this post made me reflect on the fact that I’ve been using it mainly as a mini one way RSS type feed for news rather than to engage in dialogue with like-minded folks on topics that I’m interested in and passionate about. Food for thought, thanks again.

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