Avoiding Tweeters Block: 30 Things to Tweet Today

I’ve conducted a little research project over the last 24 hours involving the 1500 or so people I follow on Twitter to see what business people use it for.

If I’m honest, I see a lot of rubbish. ‘Celebrities’ are normally the most tiresome. But brands and business accounts can put out their fair share of nonsense viaTwitter too. Presumably in a bid to ingratiate themselves to ‘the community’.

Generally, if you assume there to be seven core uses for Twitter, (outlined in my recent BDB Marketing Blog post), it becomes somewhat easier to align activities with objectives.

So whether you are looking to keep up to date with news, want to share news, want to conduct some research, want to develop prospects from your audience, deliver excellent customer service, drive traffic to other sites and/or drive loyalty, there is something you can tweet about right now.

1. Where you are /going / have been

2. What you are doing / working on

3. What you are reading / have read

4. What you are watching / have watched

5. What you are listening to / have listened to

6. What makes you happy / proud

7. What you are passionate about

8. What makes you cross / sad

9. Some praise / commendation

10. A complaint

11. A review

12. A link to another form of online content

13. A quote

14. A statistic

15. An historical fact

16. A prediction

17. A question

18. A request

19. News – company / corporate/ brand / personal

20. A vacancy

21. An offer

22. A prize giveaway

23. Something offered for sale

24. A Follow Friday recommend

25. Somebody else’s tweet (or other content)

26. Market data or research

27. A personal announcement

28. A business announcement

29. The weather

30. If you are really really stuck, what you are eating!

Image: CoffeeandCountries



2 responses to “Avoiding Tweeters Block: 30 Things to Tweet Today

  1. This is a recipe for spam. And it is a recipe for being tuned out by your readers.
    It is much more important to have something to say than to be “always out there”.
    In my view you should segment your Twitter contacts. Then send something you know will find interesting, useful or both. If you have nothing to say which is either of those, shut up!

    • Interesting perspective. I believe there is some good honest advice in here, especially for the Twitter naive. I’m with you on relevant targeted and interesting content, but with some personality too. I estimate 70% of my tweets to contain a business related link. So of course I disagree but I’ll open it up to my following this afternoon and see what they think.

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