Applying social media to business marketing

I thought I’d share the slides from my presentation to second year marketing students at the University of Derby this morning, which I think help frame the discussion of which tools and strategies work best for businesses wanting to take advantage of these emerging platforms.

There are some great consumer and business-to-business case studies cited and a useful Dummies Guide ‘List of Ten’ things to consider when creating a social media programme for your company, brand, product or service.

I think this lecture (my first) was warmly received by the group and hope it is by you too. As ever, feedback welcome either here on directly on the Slideshare page. Thanks.


3 responses to “Applying social media to business marketing

  1. Great post. Another interesting case study is Ford Fiesta:, I recommend checking out Seth Godins stuff and Naked Conversations is a good book about business blogging. @genialjoe

    • Thanks Joe, appreciate you stopping by. The Ford example on SMExaminer is indeed a great case as it is recent and relevant too. Business marketers can learn from some of this but when you are that prominent a brand, you don’t really have to start from the same place that most b2b brands find themselves in.

  2. You’re right of course Rene, the Ford Fiesta case study is a ‘Power of Social Media’ example. Just started reading your blog – look forward to the posts!

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